Our Services

Water System Management


We provide complete management and maintenance of your well water system, from monthly sampling to annual reports. If there is a problem with your system, getting you up and running safely and smoothly is our main priority. 

BC Groundwater Registration


The BC Gov't mandates that all groundwater systems not strictly for domestic use must register and pay a yearly fee. It's a complicated process and we offer our services in helping you file your application. The sooner it is filed, the greater your claim to the groundwater in your area. 

Well Quality/Production Testing


We work with engineers to conduct well tests to provide information on the production and quality of your well. Because we have performed this service for two decades, you can be assured of receiving accurate and thorough data about your well water. 

BC Groundwater Registration

New regulations have water providers overwhelmed and confused. We're here to help you navigate the registration system and get your application completed accurately and on time. 

System Management

Monthly testing, annual reports, yearly inspections, dealing with breakdowns: these challenges and others have small business owners stressed out. Let us operate your water system and handle any problems and paperwork that comes up. We do it for dozens of systems and we can help you too.