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Small Water System Management

One of the worst nightmares for a business that provides water to the public is a health scare, such as the presence of dangerous bacteria. in your system. As experts in water treatment and all the components of your water system, we regularly test and monitor your equipment so that scenario won't happen. 


If a part of your system unexpectedly breaks down, our first priority is to get you up and running again. While it can take days, even weeks to get a visit from a busy water technician company, as your personal system operator, our management customers have ultimate priority and we will respond as soon as humanly possible with the expertise to either fix the problem ourselves or, in unusual cases, act as contractor to oversee any reconstruction necessary. 

As a small water system owner, legislation requires you to submit (at least) monthly samples to Island Health, as well as to meet on site with your Health Officer for a yearly inspection. Annual reports detailing your year's test results, incidents, water quality events must be submitted by the end of June each year. As your operator, we do all this for you. We manage over two dozen systems on Vancouver Island and we have an excellent reputation and relationship with the Island Health Officers.